Curried Chicken with Easy Roti

We love Caribbean style roti and curried chicken, it is one of our favourite things to grab when we go out for the weekend.

Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

There is nothing better than the unique sweet aromatic taste of tsoureki. Most Easter breads are flavoured with vanilla or citrus, but tsoureki is unlike other Easter breads; it is flavoured with mahlepi and mastic. Without either of these spices, you will not have what is considered tsoureki. You will never forget the taste of…

Apple Pie with Pâte Brisée

Apple pie is a childhood classic and long-time favourite. I have seen and tried many variations of apple pie, but ultimately a simple, straight-forward apple pie is what I like best.

Pâte Brisée (Pie Dough)

This is the dough recipe I typically use for any pie I am making. It is a solid recipe, and works well with both sweet and savoury pies.

Yogurt & Olive Oil Marble Cake

This cake is so easy to make. I had a delicious slice to have with tea within an hour of starting this recipe. That’s how quick it is!

Paximadia Salad

A what what salad? You can just simply call this rusk salad if you can’t even fathom how “paximadia” is pronounced. The flavour is indescribable; I can only tell you how each ingredient adds to the complexity that makes this salad so unique and delicious.

English Muffins

You need to try a homemade English muffin to truly understand how much you are missing out by not making them yourself.

Tiropsomo (Greek Cheese Bread)

I don’t think many people here will recognize this bun, but the flavours are familiar, so even if you are not Greek, you can certainly appreciate and enjoy this.

Not So Sweet Cranberry Almond Cake

It feels like the holidays were so long ago, but really, it’s only been a month. If you’re trying to get back in to the groove of things, and you haven’t completely written off treats or just find it hard to stop eating them, then trying to find alternatives to your go-to sweets, may help…