Classic Hummus

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There was a turning point for me, when I realized how good hummus could be. The hummus I remember growing up with, was lumpy, gritty, watery and a bit bland – definitely not homemade and most likely came from the refrigerator section of a supermarket. I can’t do that type of hummus anymore – it’s a sin and a slap in the face to what real hummus is.

My mind changed about hummus, when I ate Lebanese food for the first time. The hummus I had was perfectly smooth, like spreadable butter. It was a bit salty, savory and extremely creamy. Where had this type of hummus been my entire life? I craved this hummus for months, and Lebanese food became a regular for us.
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Cottage Cheese Crepes with Salted Sour Cream

Pressed Cottage Cheese Crepes

Today I made cottage cheese crepes for brunch. Mmmm!
I love savoury crepes and I acturally prefer them to the dessert types (unless they are Nutella filled). I never had a savoury crepe until I met Mister and his mom made them for us one day. She made us cottage cheese crepes and now I can not get over them. They are my favourite! She never really had a recipe so I had to figure out everything from watching her and from doing some research.

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Healthy Baked Fish Sticks with Tangy Lemon Dill Sauce


I love fish sticks. Love love love them. Especially the boxed kind. Sometimes I question what they actually make them with, because they are too delicious to be real fish, right? Fish is fishy tasting, and even mild white fish still has a hint of that fishy taste. Why don’t fish sticks have this taste? Since I am quite particular about it, I had to figure out a way to make fish more appetizing at home so that I wouldn’t be limited to the expensive store-bought healthy fish-sticks that I rarely buy, or feeling guilty for eating the unhealthy cheap stuff.

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