Lalagides remind me of tradition, family and simplicity. Fried dough is universal, but it’s what we serve it with and the reason behind it, that make it regional and cultural.

Classic Hummus

There was a turning point for me, when I realized how good hummus could be. The hummus I remember growing up with, was lumpy, gritty, watery and a bit bland – definitely not homemade and most likely came from the refrigerator section of a supermarket. I can’t do that type of hummus anymore – it’s…

Double Chocolate Cookies (eggless)

The holidays are filled with goodies, parties and most likely office potlucks. Mister had one just the other day, and while I was planning to bake him a cake, two things decided to derail that plan…

Lithuanian Anthill Cake “Skruzdėlynas”

Skruzdėlynas translates to “anthill” and is called a cake, but it is not a cake in the traditional sense. It is layers of fried dough, covered in honey and topped with poppy seeds. It is only as sweet as the honey! If you love honey, this is your thing.

Simple Mornings

Saturday morning, I happened to have all to myself. It was bright and sunny outside, and everything felt calm and peaceful.

Cinnamon Buns

It’s been a while, but I figured on my day off I could get a post in. What better topic to start back on my blog, than a recipe for cinnamon buns?