Lithuanian Anthill Cake “Skruzdėlynas”


Skruzdėlynas translates to “anthill” and is called a cake, but it is not a cake in the traditional sense. It is layers of fried dough, covered in honey and topped with poppy seeds. It is only as sweet as the honey! If you love honey, this is your thing.

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Chocolate Pillow Cookies

Chocolate Pillow Cookies from

I clearly had some time on my hands this weekend, because I not only made Rosenmunnar, but I also made Chocolate Pillow Cookies!

There really isn’t an official name for these cookies, they are just soft chocolate cookies that are super yummy and easy to make.

Maybe I should call them Chocolate mud cookies, because by the end of it, your hands will look like you shoved them in a mud puddle and went to town. I felt like a kid again. 🙂

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Cottage Cheese Crepes with Salted Sour Cream

Pressed Cottage Cheese Crepes

Today I made cottage cheese crepes for brunch. Mmmm!
I love savoury crepes and I acturally prefer them to the dessert types (unless they are Nutella filled). I never had a savoury crepe until I met Mister and his mom made them for us one day. She made us cottage cheese crepes and now I can not get over them. They are my favourite! She never really had a recipe so I had to figure out everything from watching her and from doing some research.

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