Greek Inspired Tapioca Pudding


There is something so wonderful about pudding. It doesn’t matter the type, pudding is comforting. It is also a very simple dessert to master, and you can whip it up in no time; meaning you can always have something sweet and simple to have, when you can’t find the energy or resources to make anything else.

The texture of pudding is usually rich and creamy, but I like to add fruit or nuts to make it come alive. For this recipe, I paired it with pomegranate. The crisp burst of sweet and sour, paired with the creaminess of the pudding, complement each other well. Paired with cinnamon, and you truly have a Greek-inspired treat.

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Snickerdoodle Cookies

snickerdoodle recipe @

Is it bad that for the longest time, I did not know what a snickerdoodle was? To be honest, I just assumed it was a variant of a sweet snack mix, like puppy chow. I am not big on those and never bothered to look up snickerdoodles because of this.

Then one day I while trying to find a cinnamon sugar cookie recipe, I kept encountering snickerdoodle posts. I was very enlightened after my research, to say the least.

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Eggnog ~ The Drink of the Holiday


There isn’t a real story to this recipe. Mister wanted eggnog, but he prefers something more natural and less sweet than the stuff you get at the store, so I made some homemade eggnog because it is only the best thing to have this time of the year. Although… I am pretty sure he was jealous that all the baked goods I was making were going to other people.

You would also think eggnog is difficult to make, but honestly, it’s pretty easy, especially if you know how to temper egg yolks. I actually made a huge batch of eggnog at the same time I baked these sugar cookies. Here is a quick Youtube tutorial on how to temper egg yolks -> Better Homes Gardening Tempering Egg Yolk Tutorial . This is crucial to making eggnog, but it’s really easy. I prefer to ladle all the milk slowly in to the eggs though, because I don’t want to risk the eggs curdling. I thought I tempered eggs once and mixed it back in to the main pot, only to have my “tempered” eggs curdle. Never again.

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