Double Chocolate Cookies (eggless)


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Chocolate Pillow Cookies

Chocolate Pillow Cookies from

I clearly had some time on my hands this weekend, because I not only made Rosenmunnar, but I also made Chocolate Pillow Cookies!

There really isn’t an official name for these cookies, they are just soft chocolate cookies that are super yummy and easy to make.

Maybe I should call them Chocolate mud cookies, because by the end of it, your hands will look like you shoved them in a mud puddle and went to town. I felt like a kid again. 🙂

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Snickerdoodle Cookies

snickerdoodle recipe @

Is it bad that for the longest time, I did not know what a snickerdoodle was? To be honest, I just assumed it was a variant of a sweet snack mix, like puppy chow. I am not big on those and never bothered to look up snickerdoodles because of this.

Then one day I while trying to find a cinnamon sugar cookie recipe, I kept encountering snickerdoodle posts. I was very enlightened after my research, to say the least.

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Sugar Cookies ~ A holiday favourite!


It’s almost Christmas time, and as a recent graduate with no job, I have no money for gifts. I promised my friends yummy goodies instead, but because of busy schedules and never knowing when I am seeing my friends until last minute, I never have enough time to prepare fun things like cinnamon sugar pretzels (a friends request). I ended up making sugar cookies that I could bake ahead of time, knowing they will keep well until I can gift them. They are a holiday classic, and I have encountered very few people who do not enjoy the simple yumminess of a sugar cookie.

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