Tiramisu Cake

tiramisu cake 2

Who doesn’t love tiramisu?

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Shortbread Cookies (Modern Recipe) + understanding flour in shortbread

Shortbread cookies

Shortbread cookies

I can’t imagine the Holidays without shortbread. If someone isn’t making them, I will buy them, many times. I don’t care if they are the cheap kind or the delicious Mary Macleod’s, shortbread is so simple to make that I have yet to eat one, dense or thin, that didn’t taste good.

After reading up on the history of shortbread, I decided to make some. I figured I couldn’t fail too hard at making a cookie with 3 ingredients. With a bit of research I decided that I would use 4 ingredients, which really doesn’t change much.  Well to some it is a big deal. When you read extensively on shortbread, you begin to notice the fight between what are considered “traditional” and “non -traditional” shortbread recipes. Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie

I love this time of year. Autumn has got to be one of the coziest and most enjoyable times of the year for me! I love seeing the colours of the leaves changing, the cute fashionable coats and boots popping up everywhere, and the taste of all things spicy and cinnamon in baked treats. Thus, my excitement for [Canadian] Thanksgiving being just around the corner cannot be contained. It’s the one holiday of the year that all my favourite flavours in food are placed in the kitchen, all at the same time. Who cares about Christmas, I want thanksgiving! Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, STUFFING, rosemary, thyme, pumpkin, spices, apple cider…. I could go on, but I think my drool would start competing with my runny nose. Oh yeah. The only down side to autumn is the constant warm and cold which usually makes me catch a cold. It’s so worth it though, because I can just cozy up on the couch, sip tea or warm apple cider, and eat a yummy gingery oatmeal cookie, or spiced buns, or pumpkin pie…

Speaking of Pumpkin pie. I baked one today… Okay, maybe more than one. More like six. Yes. I baked 6 pumpkin pies today! I cheated a bit and bought the pie crusts, but still, that was alot of my day spent in front of the oven.  Continue reading

Lavender Cake

I don’t think anyone can understand my obsession with lavender. Not the colour… I actually dislike the color purple. I mean that amazing, beautifully colored, silvery green plant with hues of blue and purple. Just grazing your hand on it leaves you smelling beautiful. I do not regret planting Hidcote lavender in my moms backyard, not one bit! I’m not sure what made me choose Hidcote over Provence though (I have a thing for French things :P), but I think I will plant many of both next spring. Continue reading